An entire year of essential oils for free

We're absolutely excited to share the Graceful Totem with the world. That's why to make the purchase an absolute no-brainer, we've included 12-months of essential oils with each purchase.

Fits in every room
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How it works

  1. Purchase The Graceful Totem. Set up and use it anywhere in your home. Get compliments. Feel great.
  2. Receive one unique code every month that will allow you to purchase any essential oil for free.
  3. For every remaining month, use your unique code to redeem your free essential oil (all you have to cover is shipping).

Save Your Money

Get a year supply for completely free.

Save Your Time

No cashiers. No lines. Get oils delivered right to your door every month.

Save The Environment

Cut down on waste with fewer shipments and trips to the store.

Enjoy future and current oils

We're constantly curating high grade essential oils from all over the world and crafting new signature oil blends to support your best self, no matter what mood you're in. But don't worry, you'll have access to any oil in our current and future inventory with your purchase.

What You Get

1 x Candle Diffuser

In your first shipment, receive one candle diffuser and one essential oil bottle.

One free essential oil of your choice every month.