The Pinnacle of Design

Every Graceful Totem is like a work of art constructed with the intention and aesthetic any human can appreciate.

Musing on the co-existence of beauty and function, our design touches all the senses, all at once.

The absolute opposite of ordinary.

A masterful combination of porcelain, gold, and Japanese elegance. Extraordinary may be a high standard to set. But, in the case of the Graceful Totem, it is merely the benchmark.

Fits in every room
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At home in any room

The Graceful Totem is a candle diffuser that was born to inspire and exhilarate, with clean lines and sculpted forms that capture the eye and captivate the imagination. Combining sleek contours with expert crafting, the Graceful Totem offers the luxury, yet minimalistic desires for which SANGO is world renowned.

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Our Team

Waley and Derek were becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the aromatherapy culture around them. Aware that everybody is a significant contributor to the world, they decided to bring an era of old tradition into modern times through good design principles.

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